Primavera 2016

Best of 2016

Just another end-of-a-year list

Just another end-of-a-year list:

Best shows 2016:

  1. Clowns @ Sonic Ballroom, Köln
  2. Downtown Boys @ LWL Museum, Münster
  3. Diät @ Trinkhalle, Rheine
  4. EA80 @ Die Börse, Wuppertal
  5. Heads. @ Zakk, Düsseldorf

The Primavera Festival is out of the competition. Just too much to handle…

Best records 2016:

  1. Duesenjaeger – Treibsand (this was so obvious….)
  2. Clowns – Destroy the Evidence 7″
  3. Male Gaze – King Leer
  4. Meat Wave – Delusion Moon
  5. Voight-Kampff – Last House on the Right 7″

Some of these were already released in 2015. I have to admit, that I´m hardly buying any new records anymore. There´s so much old stuff that still has to be heard.

Happy new year, everybody!


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